Early Steps

Sycamore seeds were observed falling, spinning confidently, majestically down to the earth. Their clearly defined shapes stood out starkly against a calm, open sky. They called out for a visual description.

This experience led to constructing a forest of suspended golden trees made of single strands of spiralled brass wire, with free-formed single winged seeds at their ends.


Wire seeds in & out of the box

Wire seeds in & out of the box

I - Initial Wire Photo 1


This was set up in the Project Room (windowless, although light could enter through gaps in any of the three doorways). The trees (in random groups of three to five), were suspended from the ceiling, in a 5 x 5 grid. LED uplights were placed at cross positions of the grid to shine upwards into the canopy.



The light wires twisted gently as they were affected by air movements causing a twinkling of the reflected light.


100_3819Wires 26Wires 3Wires 20

Wires 29


Photographing the moving strands produced delicious results.





Photographing the installation in the Project Room was not fully satisfactory due to the varying light qualities, but it was encouraging that the experience was appreciated by visitors. A very wobbly phone camera video exists of this installation, occasionally it is posted here, please request if you wish to view it.